I began my journey in technology wizardry at a young age. I was probably no more than 9 years old when my father brought home an i386 computer. Prior to that, I had only been able to access a computer at school. I can’t explain to you the overwhelming joy of that day. All I knew is there was magic inside that box and I wanted to learn everything I could about it!

Along with the computer came books, software, and games. I spent every waking moment learning how to write batch files, configure the operating system, and load drivers. It was a delight to learn every capability this system had.

Fast forward years later and I was looking at graduating high school. I had a few computer certifications under my belt and thought I knew my stuff… I had just scratched the surface!

My first job landed me in the world of PC repair at Eddy’s Computer Shop! There I learned how to wear my customer service hat. Eddy taught me the in’s and out’s of operating a computer shop and it wasn’t long until I felt like I was running the place. Not very likely but I had ambition!

The second hop took me into the scary world of finance… I learned that wearing the customer service hat and repairing computers wasn’t enough. I still very much carried a rebel attitude and had a long way to go before the corporate environment would mold me into a fully productive cog. I also encountered new words like: compliance, audits… the other things that keep you awake at night. After a few years of solid network administration, I moved on…

I then landed in automotive manufacturing. I suddenly found out that manual processes was for the birds and I couldn’t keep up with demand. The world of programming beamed through the clouds and my path was illuminated. Automation became the name of the game!

Fast forward again to today… lots of momental changes have occurred. I’ve had numerous other jobs. I’ve gotten married to a beautiful woman who has provided us with three wonderful kids, we have done a lot of traveling, and we built a house ourselves!

I’ve been on so many adventures and I’m so thankful for the journey that is my life. I can only hope for many more. So stay tuned and check my blog & youtube for updates!